Spiritual Aspect Of Cleansing

There are many different reasons, including situations, environments, sexual encounters, etc. where one may need to cleanse themselves of negative energy, entities , ties, etc. that they have picked up or came into contact with on this journey of many lessons called life. One of the best ways to do that is with a spiritually cleansing bath and hair wash.

Never heard of spiritual cleansing? Better now then never! The knowing of cleansing one’s temple with a ritualistic bath and hair wash goes back to the predynastic era. In christianity a baptismal is a representation of a ritualistic cleansing bath ( (christianity plagerized knowledge from Kemet/Egypt) ). Spiritual bathing pretty much has been linked to every culture on the planet as a go effective ritual when have dealt or dealing with unbalanced energies and/or negative entities, release emotional trauma, unblock chakras, enhance the chances of fertility, cleanses and enhances your aura, for protection by enhancing your energetic sheild. I suggest spiritual cleansing after sexual encounters as well, you never know what kind of energies or entities that person has picked up maneuvering thru world before they walked thru the door or vice versa, better yet have them do spiritual cleanse before you get started..lol…

The spiritual plane running parrellel with the physical plane creates the very fabric of reality in which we dwell in here on earth, so if you can’t have one without the other in refrence to our very existence then logically that should be applied to most of everything we do if not all. With that being said, when you wash for the physical aspect of washing just to cleanse then it would be incomplete to not perform the ritual of a spiritual cleansing bath to combine the physicality with the spirituality and cleanse your entire being.

There are different methods and concoctions you could utilize when achieving a spiritual cleanse and I’ll list a few.

  • Sea Salt Bath – Sea salt has been widely known for ages to draw out negative impurities and energies. Remember hearing older folks say ” put some salt at the base of the threshold( door step ) or ” throw some salt over your shoulder ” ? They were well aware of the powers of salt. I suggest using Himalayan salt or volcanic salt, that way you be purchasing it in it’s rawest form keeping all the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and metaphysical properties.
  • Baking Soda – Baking soda is a natural alkelizer and detoxifyer it pulls impurities out the body and hair, unblocks chakras, and returns your energetic vibration to something more neutral leaving you with a sense of peace and a more balanced equilibrium.
  • Herbs and flowers – Every form of plant life resonates a certain frequency that it obtained growing in the earth and within that frequency are certain medicinal and spiritual/metaphysical properties and when used in certain rituals ( in this situation a spiritual cleanse ) those spiritual properties emenates to the individual. I personally burn sage starting at the top of my head going around my body to my feet or I’ll combine a few herbs depending on what Im attempting to achieve i.e. rejuvenation , cleansing, deep meditave state, etc. Here’s extended info on the metaphtsical / spiritual properties of plant life ( herbs, flowers, plants, etc. )

Crystal Cleansing/Healing – This practice has been around for Aeons. Crystals grow from mother earth and radiate certain frequencies with cleansing, healing, and medicinal properties just as plant life does. Crystals are a form of minerals created by pressure, energy, frequencies, and wavelengths in mother earth so you know they are packed with benefits for the body spiritually as well as physically. Here’s a list of crystals, gems, and stones, metaphysical/spiritual purposes.


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